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Welcome to my graphic design portfolio. Thank you for looking. If you are interested in getting a quote, please feel free to contact me.
For a larger view and more information on each design, click on the thumbnails. You can also use the links above to jump to each portfolio section.

Logo Design

Below are some corporate identities and logos that I have designed.
PixelArt St.Anne'sLogo VivoLogo CandaceSchroeterLogo ErreAntiquesLogo FatherSonBibleCampLogo
PurplePantherLogo Osprey HeightsLogo OSSMusicLogo SabrosoLogo KavaLoungeLogo OsoyoosCreditUnionLogo
Spa-ghet-tiLogo Spa-ghet-tiLogo Spa-ghet-tiLogo MilkWhiteAirLogo WackyTackyToyCompanyLogo StaccatoLogo
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Here are the branding packages I've done for logo's I've created. This includes business cards, stationary and other applications.
PurplePanther PurplePanther OspreyHeights OsoyoosCreditUnion KavaLounge MilkWhiteAir
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Layout Design

The pieces below are all centered around the layout.
VintageModerne WeddingMaterials FenderMagazine ThatOldRetroStore ErreAntiquesMagazineAd ATBposter
ColoursofSpring ColoursofSpring ColoursofSpring ColoursofSpring ColoursofSpring ColoursofSpring
CSBusinessCard ThePaperBagPrincess WackyTackyAd MagazineArticle SilentColour OsoyoosVisitor'sGuide
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Greeting Cards

The following are greeting cards for various occasions.
House Thank You Vintage Moderne Dad's Birthday HappyBday Mother's Day Father's Day
Christmas3 Christmas1 Christmas3 Christmas2 ChristmasThankYou Valentines
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Digital Art

All the next pieces were created digitally.
PersonalDesign LineArt VectorPoster PersonalArt WallpaperDesign WallArtSeries
PhotoshopEdit VintageEdit PhotoshopEdit PhotoshopEdit BirthdayPoster IllustratedPhoto
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Below are some web sites that I have developed.
OpsretyHeights KavaLounge Ash Music Gypsy Fist    
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